praying through lyme disease


about praying through lyme disease...

At a recent Lyme disease conference it was stated that "Lyme disease is the growing epidemic and health crisis of the 21st century". In this growing epidemic there are hundreds of thousands of Lyme warriors that struggle each day just to live. In the midst of sickness and pain it is hard to sometimes know how to pray. This 2nd edition of "Praying through Lyme Disease" has been updated and expanded to encourage the hearts of Lyme patients. This book addresses 31 topics to pray through that Lyme disease patients struggle with and includes verses to meditate on. In this health crisis you are not alone. You are not forgotten. You are truly seen.

You can purchase Praying through Lyme Disease where books are sold, on this website, and on Amazon.  Looking for the Large Print Version? You can purchase it on Amazon HERE!