It is an honor that you have stopped by this page. Rebecca is a Christian young woman passionate about Jesus Christ, those who are suffering, and sharing hope. Through her own experience with severe health issues (including Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease and Cancer), heartbreak, and finding joy in the difficult seasons of life, Rebecca has become a compassionate speaker dedicated to encouraging the hearts of people and sharing the love of Jesus with others.

Rebecca speaks at a variety of venues and gatherings including retreats, banquets, events, churches, libraries, schools, Bible Studies, Women's ministries, and high school and college campuses on a variety of different topics. Rebecca is happy to speak about any of the topics you find on this website and her personal blog in addition to discussing any other ideas you may have. ou can find a list of Rebecca's upcoming speaking events at the bottom of this page. If you are prayerfully considering inviting Rebecca to speak please fill out the form below and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

Listed below are a few samples from previous talks Rebecca has given:

* Finding Hope in the Difficult Seasons of Life and Finding God in Shattered Dreams, including any topic from her new book, December Caravan

*Topics related to Lyme Disease, including any topic from her three Lyme Disease books (Praying Through Lyme Disease, Path of Hope: Reflections on Hope from the Psalms for the Lyme Disease Journey, and When Light Dawns: Daily Reflections on Advent and Christmas for Lyme Warriors)

*The Single Life Journey, including any topic from her book, Prayers for the Single Journey

*Topics related to finding hope and purpose in illness

*Topics related to independent publishing, blog related topics, and social media marketing 

*How the Church can reach out and support those with Chronic Illnesses

*Rebecca's personal story of loss and God's mercy

*Topics related to High School Aged Women (Grace Engaged Ministry)

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